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Scheduled Delivery and Appointment

Scheduled Delivery and Appointment Warehousing

Scheduled delivery is a method of shipping that plans the date of delivery based on a fixed time window that is convenient for the shipper, the carrier or the consignee. The delivery date may be set by the shipper or carrier or selected by the consignee from a range of one or more delivery options.

What is Appointment Warehousing?

An appointment isan arrangement to receive merchandise into the distribution center at a specified time and place. A valid appointment consists of the following details: date, time, and receiving door. Advanced shipment notices (ASN) or purchase orders with items and unit quantities are associated with appointments.

Advantages of scheduled delivery

Convenience: Scheduled delivery allows customers to choose a specific delivery date and time for their package, ensuring they will be home to receive it when it arrives. This means that they don’t have to wait around all day or make arrangements for someone else to receive it on their behalf.

Advantages of appointment warehousing

It’s much easier for warehouses to give carriers and brokers a link to their appointment portal and let them schedule upcoming appointments at their convenience. No longer do they have to wait for a callback or e-mail. And warehouse teams can more efficiently manage their dock appointments and plan their resources.

What we offer for at DC tTransport and Logistics

At DC Transport and Logistics, we offer various scheduled delivery and appointment warehousing at our Facilities in St. Laurent, Quebec.



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