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Courier Envelopes

What are courier envelopes

Courier Pack – A courier pack is like a bubble mailer but it has the name of the courier on it. This can be used to ship a small item up to 3 lbs. This will only go an express or air service. Courier Letter – A courier letter is a hard envelope that is only used to ship a few documents.

What are the Benefits of courier envelopes?

Courier packaging bags are easy to pack and sealBest of all, unlike corrugated boxes, there’s no need for packing tape with courier bags. Each mailer comes with a self-seal adhesive strip. You simply peel the liner off, fold over the flap and press it against the mailer to create a secure closure.

What we offer at DC Transport and Logistics

Our team has all standard sizes of protective envelopes for your important documents etc
We offer same day, next day and scheduled deliveries in the greater montreal area ( see map )
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