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Boxes in courier delivery

Meaning of boxes in courier delivery

A shipping box is, at the same time,a packaging made of corrugated fibreboard, where the bottom and lid form characteristic flaps that can be locked or secured with an adhesive tape. It is the shipping boxes that are most often referred to as “cardboard boxes”.

Do couriers provide boxes?

For example, many courier companies will have specific weight, size and sturdiness measures for the boxes they may ship, as well as the size and type of adhesive tape to close the boxes. Choosing any different materials may be a problem if you want to claim in case of damage.

What is the difference between a box and a parcel?

A ‘package’ could refer to a box of items personally delivered to another person, e.g. a ‘care package’. On the other hand, a ‘parcel’ can imply that an item has been carefully prepared – wrapped and sealed in anticipation of transit.

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