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2023 Conditions of Carriage


Agency Personnel-HelperHLPCharges as invoiced by Agency plus 10% administrative charge, in addition to detention time for driver if applicable.
Airport Pickup & DeliveryAIR$20.00 per shipment.
Appointment Delivery or PickupAPP$20.00 per shipment when booked by Minimax for appts between 7:00am & 6:00pm.
$100.00 per shipment when booked by Minimax for appts between 6:01pm & 6:59am.
$100.00 per shipment when pre-booked by shipper.
$40.00 per shipment for Walmart Cornwall distribution center.
$250.00 per shipment for Walmart Mississauga distribution center.
$250.00 per shipment for Amazon Distribution center after hours, between 6:01pm & 6:59am.
$350.00 per shipment for Amazon Distribution center on weekends.
$350.00 per shipment for Giant Tiger Distribution center in Johnstown on weekends.
Please call our rate department for charges for weekend and rural appointments.
Blind shipmentsBLDFlat $40.00 per shipment.
C.O.D. ShipmentCOD3% of value, minimum $15.00.
Construction SiteCONFlat $40.00 per shipment.
Copies of documentsDOCCopies of documents are available at www.dccourrier.com.
Copies of documents requested by phone or email will be charged at $5.00 per copy.
Cross-DockDCK$7.00 per skid minimum $35.00. Where a consignor has delivered a shipment to DC Courrier's dock, for handling or storage, for a consignee, or another carrier to pick up.
Dangerous GoodsDNGPlacards not required $20.00, placards required $40.00.
Detention Time/ Driver assistDRAFree time 1 to 3 skids = 15 minutes, 4 - 6 skids = 30 minutes. 7 - 9 skids = 45 minutes
10 skids and more = 60 minutes. Excess time $18.00 per 15 minute increments
Downtown or High Congested AreaDNT$40.00 per shipment. See below for list of postal codes.
Empty Pallet ReturnMTPStandard LTL rates apply.
Excess ValuationEXC5% of declared value in excess of $2.00/lb ($4.41/kg). Maximum valuation for a single shipment $25,000.00.
Exhibition CenterEXH$150.00 weekday 8:00am to 5:00pm, $250.00 after hours.
Extra ManpowerMAN$37.50 per hour, minimum 4 hours (when available).
Fuel SurchargeFSCPer DC Courrier's fuel surcharge progrem. TL rate applied over 10,000lbs or 20 feet of trailer.
Heated ServiceHTG15% of freight charges, minimum $35.00.
Inside/Floor DeliveryFLO1st skid = $20.00, 2nd skid = $15.00 each additional skid = $10.00
Military BasesMILFlat $50.00 per shipment.
Pallet exchange for pickupPEP$10.00 per skid.
Pickup Not AvailableNAVFlat $35.00 under 100 kms from nearest service center.
Flat $100.00 if over 100 kms from nearest service center.
Private Home DeliveryPHD1st skid = $20.00, 2nd skid = $15.00 each additional skid = $10.00
Re-DeliveryREDRegular rates will apply.
Small Truck RequirementSMAFlat $40.00 per shipment.
Storage in TransitSTGStarting on the 2nd working day after the pickup.
$5.00 per skid per day, minimum $25.00 per day(including weekends).
$100.00 per TL per day (including weekends)
Tailgate DeliveryTLG1st skid = $20.00, 2nd skid = $15.00 each additional skid = $10.00
Max dimensions for skids 48Lx48Wx72H max weight 1,800 lbs per skid.


Cube DensityCBE

All rates are subject to 10 lbs pcf unless otherwise specified. 10 pcf =length (in) x Width (in) x height (in) divide by 1728 x 10 . If this amount is more than the actual weight of the shipment then the cubed weight would apply to calculate the freight charges. When it is not possible to load on top of a shipment, the cube dimensions for that shipment will be based on a minimum height of 8 feet.

Any piece or bundles that is less than 12" in diameter and weighs less than 250lbs will be rated at actual weight. Any piece or bundle in excess of 12" in diameter and heavier than 250lbs that, because of its dimension does not allow 2 skids to be placed side by side, will be cubed at 4' wide by 4' high by the actual length.

Long Freight HandlingLFH

Flat $70.00 per shipment.

Shipments containing one or more articles that equal or exceed 10 feet in length will be subject to this charge.

Linear Foot Rule

1000 lbs per linear foot for shipments occupying 10 feet or more of trailer.

When the freight occupies 10 feet of trailer space or more (or is packaged in such a way that other freight cannot be stored on top of or on either side of it, the chargeable weight will be calculated at 1000 lbs per linear foot of space use.

LiabilityMaximum liability: $2.00 per pound based on the weight of the item lost or damaged.
Pickup/DeliveryDC Courrier declines all costs and penalties resulting from a missed pickup, late delivery or missed appointment.
Payment TermsNet 30 days from the date of the invoice.
Subject to ChangeAccessorial charges, terms and conditions are subject to change with 30 days notice.

The above rates include a normal pick up and delivery during regular business hours.

This rate confirmation will become void if committed shipping volume is not met.

Downtown congestion surcharge Greater Montreal Area

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