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Our Technologies

Streamlined Interface

Designed for efficiency

Easy to learn and use. The application uses a very visual interface that adapts to power users. This interface helps to dramatically reduce the learning curve for dispatchers.

Auto-Complete Data Entry

Start typing and automatically see and select the suggested records.

The application significantly streamlines data entry by suggesting customers and locations as you type. This feature offers minimal reliance on the mouse and allows an order to be dispatched in 15 seconds.

Zip to Zip Mileage

Get quick calculation between two postal codes.

For quick distance calculations, use the built in zip to zip calculator. This functionality is a web service that is included in OnTime; you never have to pay extra for the service, there's no extra software to install, and it's always up-to-date.

Support for Smartphones

Tested support for AppleiPhone and Google Android

Modern smartphones offer the compelling ability to handle many business related tasks from a single mobile device. Our applications offers an experience optimized for drivers using the Apple iPhone, and Google Android devices.

Work Offline

Continue to work with or without an internet connection.

Unreliable cellular service shouldn’t slow drivers down or stop them from carrying out their work. The Application allows drivers to continue working, even without an internet connection. Once they regain a signal, all outstanding data will be synchronized automatically.

Use Finger or Stylus

Use your finger or a stylus to navigate through the application.

Mobile application support finger and/or stylus input.

COD and Digital Signature Capture

First class reminders for digital signature capture and COD collection.

If options for COD or digital signature capture are selected during the dispatch of an order, the driver will be prompted to collect them at pickup, delivery, or both. Recipients can sign right on the mobile device. Again, this POD information is submitted back instantly.

Customer Web Portal

A website for your customers. Ready out-of-the-box as an addition to your website.

You have direct access to dispatching tools, order history, and personal address books. The web portal is updated in real-time, allowing you to enjoy a higher level of service.

Shipping Label and Other Reports

We allow customers to view print a variety of reports through your Web Portal.

You can print out your own shipping labels, waybills, and bills of lading. You will be able to view information quickly, without the need of contacting DC Courrier directly.

Address Book

You can add your own list of addresses through your Web Portal.

The application saves all locations in your account, whether they are created by dispatchers or customers. Dispatchers will see all locations. Each customer will see only their own, personal address book locations. Customers can perform bulk imports from address list files. These may be imported directly through the Customer Web Portal.

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